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Join us in bringing HOPE to SLAVAYNASK, UKRAINE!

Together, with our partner, Pastor Peter Dodink from Sails of Hope orphanage in Slavayansk, Ukraine will be bringing HOPE to those still in the active war zone in Slavayansk and those refugees from this city. For the past 6 Days, the city has had no water and a large part have been without electricity. People are starving! They need help!


Residents of Slavayansk filling water pails and jugs in the city fountain. For over six days now, they have had no running water in the city with limited electricity.

With your generous financial donations, we can help Pastor Peter with the following requests:

  • Gasoline for evacuation buses
  • Bus and Train tickets for refugees feeling their home towns to get to the evacuation point
  • Food for those who are not able to leave Slavayansk (many are elderly or infirm) – It has been two months with no paid pensions, social security payments or work due to the fighting in their region.
  • Medicine for refugees and those who remain in the war zone

Please consider making a donation today! Any amount will help and be directed toward this relief effort! THANK YOU for bringing HOPE TO SLAVYANSK!


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Food Boxes being prepared for delivery to residents.

Volunteer delivering food boxes.

Volunteer delivering food boxes.



Receiving food donations!


Receiving food donations!


 REFUGEE EVACUATIONS! Help us purchase fuel, train and bus tickets!


Refugees evacuating!

Refugees evacuating!






June 1 – August 1: Clothing Drive for Refugee Orphans!

 We are looking for NEW WARM CLOTHES to supply displaced orphans and refugees with warm clothes for the Fall:

  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Winter Coats
  • Gloves
  • Winter Hats

ALL REGULAR SIZES OF NEW ITEMS (Toddler – Adult, Male or Female)


Donations may be dropped off to any UOO Board Member or mailed to:

Ukraine Orphan Outreach, 18519 WCR 5, Berthoud, CO 80513

From the Front Lines of Eastern Ukraine

Today, as many of us sit in the comfort of our own homes, a war rages in eastern Ukraine that has displaced over 10,000 people, many women and children. What is being done to help this refugee crisis playing out because of Russian aggression in the eastern provinces of Ukraine?

We take you to the front lines of organizations that providing for orphans, families at risk and many others who are fleeing the dangers of war in their home towns.


The Situations Is Dismal

The current atmosphere in eastern Ukraine is very volatile. The Ukrainian army is entrenched with Russian insurgents and many civilians are caught in the crossfire. Husbands are sending their wives and children to safer regions of Ukraine while they stay to defend their home. Those who cannot travel due to illness, age or choice are left hiding in their root cellars while grenades are launched into near by building and machine gun fire rages overhead. When they emerge from their shelters, their homes are badly damaged and they are left to pick up the pieces. Food is limited and safety is a very big concern even traveling to find supplies.

Hope in the Crisis

Thankfully, there are those who are working on ground to help those in the conflict region. One of our ministry partners, The Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans (UWO), has been working around the clock to serve foster families and orphans in the conflict regions. Despite the chaos of war, help is available to those who need it, and supported through generous donations and prayer from those around the world.

Reports from the Front Lines

Thanks to our donors GENEROUS donations, $5000.00 was sent to Ukraine to help with the immediate refugee crisis needs. This is a result of your seed sowing – children and families are SAFE today because of you! Thank you!

  • During the month of April, UWO received over 800 calls for requests to help! They aren’t the only organization workings on ground either. Multiply their efforts by at least 5 other known organizations doing similar relief efforts and you can imagine the volume of calls they are receiving!
  • 411 children and 292 adults were evacuated to temporary shelters during the month of April!
  • Evacuated 4 Christian Child-Care Centers from conflict regions (90 orphans and children from families in crisis) and 15 Foster Families are now safe!


How Can You Help

Our partners in Ukraine are overwhelmed with the flood of refugees leaving eastern Ukraine EVERY DAY! The mainstream news is now starting to report on the refugee crisis  and the problems will only continue while war rages in the east. Our partners have asked us for the following:

  • Financial Support: Please donate through our online portal and earmark for “Crisis in Ukraine”. Since most of the people that have fled from the war zone no longer have their regular income, there is great need for financial support! Refugees are in need of shelter, food and other basic necessities. On average is costs $7.00 per day per person to provide for the refugees. Would you consider sponsoring a refugee for 1 Month? $210.00 for a 30 day month will provide refugees with the help they so desperately need!
  • PRAY! The Christians in Ukraine are overwhelmed with the burden their nation faces. Pray for encouragement, strength and protection!
  • If you are an organization that can offer medical care or supplies, please contact us directly so we can put you in touch with our partners on ground! They are specifically asking for trauma related medical supplies, including gun shot wound kits.
  • New Clothing Donations for orphans and refugees: Ukraine Orphan Outreach is running a new clothing drive for fall/winter clothing collected from June 1st to August 1st. These clothing donations will be sent to Ukraine to help clothe the displaced children and families for the cold months they will be facing this Fall. Donations can be sent to:18519 WCR 5 Berthoud, CO. 80513. If you are a store that would like to donate, please contact Kelly Schwalbert at for our Tax ID information. Coats, shoes, jeans, shirts, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves are ALL being accepted. NEW ITEMS PLEASE!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

We leave you with these images of a private Christian orphanage “Sails of Hope” in Slavayansk, Ukraine where the fighting has been the heaviest. Ukraine Orphan Outreach has walked the halls of this orphanage and seen the good work they are doing in these children. Thankfully, the kids were all evacuated before the bombing occurred. Please pray for Brother Peter and all of the children from this orphanage!


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Orphan Crisis in Ukraine

To learn more about how you can help with the orphan crisis playing out in the conflict regions of Ukraine, please CLICK HERE.

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