Coming to Ukraine I am inspired, refocused, activated for action yet exhausted and sad. I have been wondering what to post about our visit to a very big orphanage known as the “Emerald City”. So when you you think of the Emerald City, what do you think of? We think of the well known story of Dorothy searching. She is searching for her family. She is searching for her home. Family and home….where is that to be found in a place like this? This is a false illusion for over 300 orphaned children that are looking for their forever home. Looking for their family. When you think about it, in the story of “The Wizard of Oz”, has so much irony around an orphanage called “Emerald City”. 

The children longing for a family. 

The children longing for a home of their own.

The children searching, praying and having a glimpses of hope as we spend an afternoon with them. A few hours of playing with orphaned children rocks our world. The injustices this world has handed to the children. What can we do? Pray and pray and do something for JUST ONE.

Jesus, you hold the whole world in your hands. I’m holding on to your promises and am faithful and strong knowing you’ve got this because I’m a mess.



Thank you, Jesus, for loving and protecting all your special children. Lord, please be with the children at Emerald City and have them know that their eternal home is with you and you are their Father and they are known….they are loved!

There’s no place like home.

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