UOO transition homes are the key to ending the orphan crisis in Ukraine. They build a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Ukraine Orphan Outreach gives orphans a place where they can be part of a family again. A place to grow, laugh, learn, be safe and do all the things a valued family member should do. Our aged-out orphan residents are cared for by a house parent. They live in a caring, loving, secure family environment where their needs for food, health, shelter and education are met.

More importantly, orphans who were once abandoned have a place where they know they’re not alone.

They have a place to belong in a family. You have made all that happen by becoming a sponsor.

Sponsor An Orphan

For only $35 per month you can build the foundation these children need! Please consider changing the world for just one by sponsoring an aged out orphan. Visit our Facebook album to learn more.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

Around Ukraine, UOO provides loving homes for graduate orphans who have opted to live in our communities. Their basic needs of food, health care, shelter, and education are provided for in our transitional homes. By sponsoring an orphan graduate through UOO, these kids who were alone and abandoned can now thrive in loving families. They have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and integrate into a supportive community. Their spiritual & emotional well being has a place to grow and thrive.

Through your monthly sponsorship contribution, money is earmarked to support an orphan graduate in a specific transition home and gives you the opportunity to follow the progress of that graduate.

Accountability: Where does your gift go?

When you choose to sponsor an orphan graduate, you have our guarantee that 100% of the sponsorship goes to meet their needs. Sponsorship funds are never used for organizational operation costs or earmarked projects. Here is a breakout of how your gift is used: Cost breakdown for sponsorships based on average & at full capacity.

Sponsorship: House of Grace
Monthly Sponsorship Breakout

$36.40 Housing
$29.40 Transportation
$29.40 Food
$21.00 Leader’s Salary
$9.80 Utilities
$8.90 Community Outreach
$5.60 Medical

Sponsorship: House of Hope
Monthly Sponsorship Breakout

$40.60 Housing
$28.00 Transportation
$26.60 Food
$25.20 Leader’s Salary
$8.40 Utilities
$5.60 Community Outreach
$5.60 Medical

How to Sponsor a Child

Your commitment can be paid via Just Give (linked below), or mail monthly checks to: Ukraine Orphan Outreach 18519 WCR 5 Berthoud, CO. 80513. If it is easier, a one time yearly gift of $420 can be made as well (verses 12 monthly payments at $35)

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