Clarke Stoesz

Kris Stoesz
Executive Director

Kelly Schwalbert

Rose Pauly
Pastoral Support

Oksana Gorbunova
Director in Ukraine

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More About Us

Ukraine Orphan Outreach (U.O.O.) is a non-profit organization in Northern Colorado formed by adoptive parents and others with concern for the future of orphaned Ukrainian children. Our mission is to reach out to this often forgotten group of older kids and make a difference in their future.

We aim to directly impact their lives. We would like to create awareness regarding the plight of the orphans by exposure and involvement within the community. Through UOO there are shoe/clothing/supply drives, and pen-pal, school sponsorship program and Ukraine mission trip opportunities.

UOO also provides a support network for those pursuing Ukrainian adoptions. UOO is an all volunteer organization. We rely on financial contributions to make our program a success. All donations are tax-deductible.Please consider being a part of this incredible program and contact us today!

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